Research Interests

My research program has primarily centred on exercise and rehabilitation interventions for older adults. However, this has lead me to discriminate the between the contribution of physical activity (any movement of skeletal muscle above the resting level) and exercise (planned or structured physical activity that engenders one of more of the components of fitness). My philosophy is that in today’s automated society we can no longer get enough physical activity to preserve health, let alone fitness. Thus, we must plan and/or structure physical activity and because of the narrowed time commitment we often must increase the intensity so that physical activity is essentially exercise. Therefore, if we want to improve health and fitness one must take daily exercise, which is as necessary as daily hygiene.

Primary tools in my lab include; Actigraph accelerometers (GTM1; ActiTrainer) and Global Postioning Systems. As a member of the Institute of Health Living and Chronic Disease Prevention I have strong collaborativer and research capacity building opportunities for students and colleagues.